NYP Library provides a wide range of resources which include databases, ebooks, curated reads and more. Some resources are bounded by access rights. Please observe copyright terms & conditions when downloading.


(For Staff Only)

This is a database of royalty-free stock images which comprise photographs and vectors (illustrations) contributed by professional and amateur photographers and illustrators. Launched in 2005, it currently holds a collection of more than 167 million stock images. The images can be used for teaching purposes such as for updating of teaching materials, e-learning contents, etc.

Please email to LUANNE XU to request for an UserID and Password.

A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy

Concurrent Users: 1,000

For instructors:   Please click here to use the ‘Curriculum Builder’ functionality.

This is a comprehensive digital database consisting of detailed anatomical images with the ability to identify over 20,000 structures from different body orientations (anterior, lateral, medial, posterior, lateral arm, medial arm). It provides interactive 3D models with hundreds of detailed structures, where the view and orientation are automatically adjusted to highlight structures in the highest possible resolution.  The multimedia encyclopaedia contains complete full repository of illustrations, diagrams, photos and videos.

AccessEmergency Medicine

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This online emergency medicine resource provides quick diagnosis and treatment answers for a broad spectrum of complaints encountered in the emergency department, ranging from neurologic and paediatric emergencies, to poisoning and trauma. It is updated regularly and optimized for viewing on any device.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

AccessPediatrics covers the entire span of paediatric practice, from neonatology through adolescent medicine. This resource provides instant access to information essential for completing evaluation, diagnosis, and case management decisions, as well as for pursuing research or self-assessment and board review. It is updated regularly and optimized for viewing on any device.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This online pharmacy resource provides instant access to videos, games, Q&A, and leading pharmacy textbooks which will establish a foundation for learning and allows practicing pharmacists to get information instantly about drugs, herbs and supplements, and consult features and editorials concerning the vast array of current pharmacy publications. It is updated regularly and optimized for viewing on any device.

Alkem Digital Library

(Concurrent User: 1- Access depends on number of copies purchased)

This ebook platform provides titles that the Library has acquired for online and offline viewing. The collection will be expanded to include more subject areas. Users can access the full-text from the computer, or download titles up to 6 mobile devices for offline reading by creating an Adobe account after installing Adobe Digital Edition.

*** For NYP Staff only -
To install Adobe Digital Edition on your Staff notebook, please raise a CNC PC change request.

** These loans are independent of loan limits for other NYP Library items.

Loan Policy
Type of Material : eBook
RenewalsReservationsReservation Hold Period
20 items
28 days
(Option for returning borrowed item prior to the due date is available)

Unlimited1 day

Anatomy and Physiology (UPGRADED)

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This online resource (also known as Human Anatomy and Physiology) covers all a student needs to know and learn for a 2 semester Anatomy & Physiology course. It offers 20 modules with clear 3D images and interactive models, narrated animations and illustrations, dissection for labelling, clinical case studies, pronunciation guide, quizzes and much more. Various learning objectives guide the student through essential facts, with narrated animations to illustrate the physiological processes. This database provides interactive 3D models for students to rotate, add and remove layers from, and label each structure. The extended edition offers new integrated lab activities for about 60 hours of self-assessment and case studies.

  Video Tutorials

Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination is Lippincott’s physical assessment learning system that delivers dynamic, clinically oriented, head-to-toe assessment videos to prepare students for exams and patient encounters.

Blonde Beats Production Music Library

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Blonde Beats is a boutique production music library offering a curated selection of tracks from international music publishers and award-winning composers. All music is pre-cleared for worldwide, all media, in perpetuity. The catalogue has more than 100,000 tracks with new music added monthly.

Note: Registration is required for new users. Your email address should contain"nyp.edu.sg", "mymail.nyp.edu.sg", "myaccount.nyp.edu.sg", "polite.edu.sg", "aci.edu.sg", or "sirs.edu.sg".]


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Books@Ovid contains 100 titles covering subjects such as Clinical Medicine, Behavioural & Social Sciences, Health Professions, Life & Biomedical Sciences, Nursing and Pharmacology.

British Paramedic Journal

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

The British Paramedic Journal is committed to publishing high-quality research and increasing the evidence-base for the paramedic profession. As such, the scope of the journal is specific to topics that directly relate to paramedic practice both in the UK and internationally. BPJ contain original research, literature reviews, case reports, best evidence topics, research methodology, clinical audits, service evaluations, short reports and quality improvement articles.

CITI Program

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This web-based program provides research education content covering many curricular areas, including good clinical practice suitable for research teams involved in clinical trials of drugs, biologics and devices; principles of biosafety and biosecurity; responsible conduct of research for the biomedical sciences, engineering, the humanities, the physical sciences, and the social behavioural and education sciences; and more.

Note: Registration is required for new users in order to create a login userid/password for online access. To proceed with the registration, please click here. and complete the Learner Registration. The email address refers to your NYP email address.]

  Video Tutorials : Getting Started

ClinicalKey Student Nursing

(Concurrent Users: 700)

ClinicalKey Student Nursing (CKSN) is an online learning platform that provides access to a vast library of nursing textbooks and images published by Elsevier.

Note: Registration is required for new users in order to create a login userid/password for online access. To proceed with the registration, please click Register - ClinicalKey Student.

Your email address should contain "nyp.edu.sg" or "mymail.nyp.edu.sg" in this format : xxxxx@nyp.edu.sg or xxxxx@mymail.nyp.edu.sg.

** For CET learners using STEP system (i.e. with login accounts containing "polite.edu.sg"), you may register using your personal email addresses.

For details, please refer to the below Quick Start guides]

Quick Start Guide (Faculty)
Quick Start Guide (Student)

Additional Resources:
An Introduction to ClinicalKey Student For Nursing
Using ClinicalKey Student Nursing (Faculty)
How to launch Bookshelf
How to make notes and highlights in Bookshelf
How to create flashcards in Bookshelf
How to use Review Mode in Bookshelf
How to study with ClinicalKey Student
How to use the presentation tool

Cochrane Library

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Contains high-quality, independent evidence, systematic reviews, clinical trials, and more.

Note: If you encounter a 'session cookie error', click on Tools -> "Internet Options" -> Privacy -> Sites

Type "https://www3.interscience.wiley.com" in the "Address" of web site box. Click "Allow" and "OK" buttons and access the database again. ]

Provides curated library, web and open resources on the Common Business Programme

Provides curated library, web and open resources on Chemical and Life Sciences

Provides a variety of learning material to help build your core competencies

Provides curated library, web and open resources on Design, Digital and Interactive media

Provides curated library, web and open resources on First Year Engineering Programme

Provides curated library, web and open resources on Foundation And General Studies

Provides curated library, web and open resources on General Topics

Provides curated library, web and open resources on Health Sciences

Provides curated library, web and open resources on Information Technology

Provides curated library, web and open resources on Teaching & Learning

EBSCO Business Source Premier

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Provides coverage in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

A database for nursing and allied health research. It covers more than 50 nursing specialties and includes quick lessons, evidence-based care sheets, CEU modules and research instruments.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

DynaMed is a clinician-focused tool designed to facilitate efficient and evidence-based patient care. Rigorous and daily review of medical literature by DynaMed´s physician and specialist staff provide timely and objective analysis, synthesis and guidance for users.


Mobile Access Guides


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Provides access to education literature and resources.

EBSCO Education Research Complete

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Education Research Complete provides hundreds of full-text education journals, covering all levels of education, from early childhood to higher education, plus multilingual education, health education and testing. Education Research Complete is relevant for education students, professionals and policymakers.

EBSCO Food Science Source

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Food Science Source is a comprehensive full-text database designed to support the informational needs of the food industry. This collection offers full-text coverage of information relevant to many areas integral to the food industry, encompassing sectors such as food science, food service, processing, packaging, shipping, etc.

This full-text database indexes over 25,000 records, covering an array of topics. It contains various images, offers brief biographies as well as information in a variety of subject areas. The database is updated annually.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This resource draws on the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology. Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling and more. It provides indexing and abstracts for more than 384,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 4,700 records.

Covers articles in librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more.

EBSCO MAS Ultra - School Edition

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Contains articles from magazines, reference books, bibliographies, primary source documents, and Image Collection of photos, maps & flags.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Provides evidence-based and peer-reviewed content from top biomedical journals and includes Ahead of Print content for relevant titles from key publishers.

EBSCO Primary Search

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Provides full text for more than 70 popular, magazines for elementary school research.

EBSCO Professional Development Collection

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Provides a highly specialized collection of high quality education journals and reports.

A comprehensive database covering information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational & experimental methods.

EBSCO Regional Business News

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Includes articles from business journals, newspapers and newswires from the United States.

EBooks on EBSCOhost

[Access depends on purchase options for each eBook]

With various subject disciplines of eBook titles on EBSCOHost, users can access the full-text from the computer, or download titles to popular mobile devices. Coverage includes arts & architecture, business & economics, computer science, education, engineering & technology, health & medicine and mathematics.

*** For NYP Staff only -
To install Adobe Digital Edition on your Staff notebook, please raise a CNC PC change request.

** These loans are independent of loan limits for other NYP Library items.

Loan Policy
Type of Material : eBook
RenewalsReservationsReservation Hold Period
20 items1-28 days
Up to 5 items3 days
  • Check-out per title varies with number of user licenses purchased
  • Borrowed items will be returned and deleted automatically from MyEBSCOhost folder upon expiry of due date
  • Reservations can be made by placing titles on hold

EIU Country Analysis Advanced

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This database provides EIU's country and global analysis which consists of country reports, country forecast, country commerce, industry reports, global outlook, world commodity forecast, country data, market indicators & forecast as well as world commodity data.

Video Tutorials

This database provides articles covering all aspects of HR, learning & organisation studies such as human resources, corporate communications, CSR, employee benefits, learning and development, organisational behaviour, performance management, talent management, workplace diversity, and many more.    

Films on Demand Asia Collection

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This is a video streaming service which offers access to videos from a variety of producers. It contains thousands of videos in 30+ subjects such as education, engineering, art, science, business and health. Citations for all videos are available in various formats.

*** Quiz option is available to NYP Staff only:-


Growth Opportunity Analytics

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This database provides market intelligence and trends reports in industries from ICT, Transformational Health, Chemicals Materials & Food, Intelligent Mobility, Energy & Environment, Aerospace & Defense, Measurement & Instrumentation to Banking & Financial Services. TechVision provides deep-dive intelligence on emerging & disruptive technologies and new age innovations. Megatrends provides actionable and value-focused insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world we will live in.

Guardians of the sea!

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This comic ebook was a project undertaken by 3 SHSS Year 1 students to create awareness about sea pollution in Singapore. It also highlights various ways in keeping our seas clean to save marine animals.

[Note: Please login to Library Portal before viewing the e-book. 4 printed copies are available for loan from the library collection.]

Provides a collection of curated resources on industry insights and landscape analysis

The Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes editorials, original articles, research notes, reviews, commentary, case reports, and short communications in the interdisciplinary area of environmental health sciences and public health.

Journal of Marketing

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

The Journal of Marketing (JM) develops and disseminates knowledge about real-world marketing questions relevant to scholars, educators, managers, consumers, policy makers and other societal stakeholders. JM played a significant role in shaping the content and boundaries of the marketing discipline.

Journal of Paramedic Practice

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP) is the only monthly double-blind peer-reviewed and evidence-based journal for paramedics and pre-hospital care providers including emergency care practitioners and assistants, medical technicians, critical care paramedics, combat medical technicians, and members of voluntary aid societies. JPP offer the latest practical and clinical information, aligned with the four pillars of clinical practice, education, leadership and management.

Journals@OVID (archive)

(Concurrent Users: 2)

Contains the full-text articles in scientific, technical, nursing and medical journals.


( Concurrent User: 1)

Provides a comprehensive and up-to-date repository of online legal research information such as statutory and case law. Singapore Case Law Malaysia Case Law English Case Law Reference Material Singapore Legislation Singapore Parliamentary Reports Singapore Treaties

Note: Please remember to logout from your session after each use by clicking on the "LOGOUT" link on the top right menu bar. ]

  Video & Tutorials

Linkedln Learning

[Former Lynda.com] - (Concurrent Users: 4999)

LinkedIn Learning provides a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative, and business skills from beginner to advanced levels. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, LinkedIn Learning offers bite-size tutorials for staff and students looking to develop skills in Architecture, Business Strategy, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Design, Data Analysis, Communication, Leadership, Microsoft Office and a wide range of other topics at their own pace. Vodcasts, narrated animations and illustrations, pronunciation guides, dissection slides, and other multimedia offer an engaging approach to learning.

Note: Sign in using your email addresses containing "nyp.edu.sg", "mymail.nyp.edu.sg", "myaccount.nyp.edu.sg", "polite.edu.sg", "aci.edu.sg", or "sirs.edu.sg".]

How to use LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Mobile App
 | iOS | Android & Tablet

Although the courses can only be downloaded on mobile devices, please note that the downloaded courses cannot be shared as all registered users will have their own access to this service through NYP's subscription.

Recommended Browser:  MS Edge

Lippincott Procedures

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

The database provides real-time access to step-by-step guides for evidence-based procedures and skills in a variety of specialty settings. It includes patient instructions, skills checklist, hundreds of video clips, images, illustrations and more. The specialty areas covered are: behavioural health, critical care, emergency, maternal-neonatal, medical surgical, neonatal critical care, oncology, pediatric, pediatric critical care and perioperative. The content is regularly updated to reflect the most current and evidence practice standards.

This exclusive collection of over 80 today's top nursing journals used by nurses, nursing students, and health professionals around the world on a daily basis, as well as a premier nursing and allied health database. It meet the needs of nursing professionals, students, researchers and other professionals. A convenient and affordable way to access to some of the best titles addressing today's nursing and allied health topics.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Mendeley is a reference management tool that is available free for the basic version. This tool helps to organize and search your personal library and annotate documents. You can cite as your write by installing MS Word Citation plugin. Web Importer is available for download to import references and PDFs from supported websites.

Note: Registration for a free account is required for new users at https://www.mendeley.com. Please click here to download Mendeley desktop app onto your laptop/desktop. ]


Links to:
Videos & Tutorials | Installation Guides | Citation Guides


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This database provides access to the latest trends, data & insights into what consumers want globally.

Global New Product Database (GNPD) helps you to track & analyse global product emerging trends & innovation, including (a) Access to innovative products launched globally (b) Ability to run analytics (c) Analysis & expert recommendations (d) More than 40,000 new beauty, drink, food, health, household care, hygiene, personal care and pet products across more than 80 markets.

Consumer Reports helps you to quickly understand a market by combining consumer research, market information, product innovation and competitive analysis to give you a complete view. It covers all aspects of the US, UK and China markets.

Global Consumer Databook allows you to uncover the differences & similarities in behaviour & attitudes across consumers in over 30 markets.

To access more features such as Download Reports, please email to
(Applicable to NYP Staff only)


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

An online newspaper archival service, which offers archived news articles and information from 19 newspapers published by Singapore Press Holdings. With news articles stretching to as far back as 1989, it covers news articles from The Straits Times, Sunday Times, Business Times, New Paper, Berita Harian, Berita Minggu (Malay), Lianhe ZaoBao, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily News, Friday Weekly and Thumbs Up (Chinese).

Note: If you are unable to view the full-text articles, click on "Tools -> Internet Options -> [Browsing history] Delete -> (Select) Cookies". Alternatively, click here to view Microsoft's brief guide on how to delete your cookie files from your computer.]

Nursing Central (uCentral)

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Nursing Central provides detailed information on diseases, drugs, tests and procedures. You can access to the information on your mobile device or via the web. Make full use of the features including the device-optimized interface and intuitive navigation feature, the Grasp™ study system, the Glimpse™ technology, pictures, illustrations, tables and dictionary pronunciations, practical guidelines for nursing diagnosis, patient care, calculators and more.

Note: Online registration is required for staff and students for mobile/tablet viewing.
Your email address for registration must contain "nyp.edu.sg".  Please click to register.]

** For CET learners using STEP system (i.e. with login accounts containing "cis.polite.edu.sg"), you may register using your personal email addresses.

Nutrition & Dietetics

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

Covering all aspects of food, nutrition and dietetics, the Journal provides a forum for the reporting, discussion and development of scientifically credible knowledge related to human nutrition and dietetics.

O'Reilly for Higher Education

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

For CET learners, please click HERE to access CET STEP login.

This digital platform provides access to more than 40,000 book titles and 30,000 hours of video, including case studies, expert playlists and learning paths. Topics range from business, IT, project management to graphic design, with the main focus on business and information technology.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage

(Concurrent User: 1)

It is an international, multidisciplinary journal that disseminates information for the many kinds of specialists and practitioners concerned with osteoarthritis.

(Access to OverDrive is now available via NLB eResources page or NLB Mobile app. To login and access, please register as an NLB member. For quick assistance, please refer to NLB Help page.)

A digital collection of ebooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines covering fiction and lifestyle titles, which can be borrowed or read offline.

(Access to PressReader is now available via NLB eResources page or NLB Mobile app. To login and access, please register as an NLB member. For quick assistance, please refer to NLB Help page.)

Provides access to the world's leading newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries in 60 languages. Publications are presented as full digital replicas and offer advanced digital features such as keyword searching, translation, audio functionality and much more.

ProQuest Ebook Central

(Concurrent User: 1)

This eBook platform contains more than 400 titles that the Library has acquired for online and offline viewing. Coverage includes Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Education, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences and Social Science.

*** For NYP Staff only -
To install Adobe Digital Edition on your Staff notebook, please raise a CNC PC change request.

Video Tutorial | eBook Central Libguide | eBook Central Download

This database is an authoritative 3D resource for professionals who interpret radiological scans or study cross sectional anatomy. It is a digital reference tool that provides thousands of 3D images, from the anatomy of the thorax, abdomen, and male and female pelvis, to the valves of the heart and segments of the lung in stunning details.

Note: Please select 'Imaging' tab on the left panel to access this resource which is best viewed using Google Chrome. Minimum browser requirement: Chrome 14 or IE10. ]

The journal covers all facets of environmental science and (bio)technology, including the most recent developments in these fields as well as timely syntheses of cutting-edge science, technology, applications, policy, and societal challenges.

SAGE Business Cases

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

For instructors:  Please email Andrea Tan to request for access to Teaching Notes.

SAGE Business Cases is a digital collection of over 5,500 real-world business case studies from more than 120 countries. It offers real-world scenarios and challenges across various business topics such as entrepreneurship, accounting, healthcare management, leadership, social enterprise, sustainability, and more.

The SAGE Science, Technology, & Medicine (STM) provides electronic access to more than 329,000 articles across 368 journals, including leading international, peer-reviewed titles, many of which are ranked in the Thomson Scientific Journal citation Report.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This non-full text database provides research resources from several scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science and agricultural science. It contains references from more than 10,000 currently published journals and patent literature around the world. It also offers information for more than 60 million organic and inorganic substances.

Note: Registration is required for new users in order to create a login userid/password for online access. To proceed with the registration, please click here. The email address must contain "nyp.edu.sg" or "mymail.nyp.edu.sg" in this format : xxxxx@nyp.edu.sg or xxxxx@mymail.nyp.edu.sg]

The guide for registration is available here.

Quick Reference Guide
Video Tutorials


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This database contains over 1,700 open access publications.


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This database provides access to over 1.5 million statistics and studies on a wide variety of topics and covering 170 industries. It contains dossiers, forecasts, industry reports, company data and infographics. Statista's proprietary content data is available in the form of various market outlook reports and Global Consumer Survey.

Video Tutorials
(Please use MS Edge when playing video tutorials)


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This database provides foresight-driven analysis of global trends in fashion, product design forecasts, catwalks analysis and industry reports. It covers more than 20 industries focusing on 6 core innovation platforms of cross-industry research (Luxury perspectives, Sustainable futures, Digital worlds, Wraparound wellness, Inclusivity outlook and Convenience culture).

Taylor & Francis Online (Education Collection) provides access to over 200 education journals. Subject coverage includes curriculum studies, early years education, educational research, educational leadership & management, further & higher education, history of education, science education, sociology of education, special needs & educational psychology, teaching and teacher education.

Taylor & Francis eBooks

(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

An e-book platform providing rich content and authoritative resources. Contains ebooks on business & management, education, engineering, health studies, lifescience, material science, sport, exercise & leisure, tourism, hospitality & events.

The Business Times

(Concurrent Users: 5 - Online access via browser only)

Browse online version of the Business Times. Current and back issues up to 7 days are available.
Please logout of the session after use.

Note: Please email NYP Library ResearchHelp if you encounter difficulties accessing this publication.]

The Journal of Aging and Social Change (fka Intl Journal of Aging and Society) is an international journal for aging research. It features articles on the dynamic interplay between aging and society, exploring advances in social and behavioral science on aging, life-course and social change, involving (but not limited to) gerontology, sociology, demography, psychology, economics, communication science, education, epidemiology, public health, biology, nursing and medicine.

The Singapore Architect

(Full text access: Issues 16 - 18)

Please login before viewing the issues:
Issue 16, Sep - Dec 19
Issue 17, Dec 19 - Feb 20
Issue 18, Mar 20 - Jun 20

The Singapore Architect (TSA) is a quarterly journal of the Singapore Institute of Architects. Each issue of TSA is an in-depth study of the built environment and how it relates to the social, economic, and cultural context. This is done through features of new buildings as well as interviews and essays on current topics.

The Singapore Engineer

(Full text access: latest 6 issues)

Click to view archived issues

The Singapore Engineer is a monthly magazine published by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). It covers the latest developments in various fields of engineering, from long-established domains to emerging industries. Features on current issues and events are also presented, as are the myriad achievements of reputed engineering professionals.

The Straits Times

(Concurrent Users: 5 - Online access via browser only)

Browse online version of the Singapore Straits Times. Current and back issues up to 7 days are available.
Please logout of the session after use.

Note: Please email NYP Library ResearchHelp if you encounter difficulties accessing this publication.]

The Straits Times App

(For Students Only)

Download The Straits Times app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign-in with your school e-mail address. Please click for details.

** For first time users, please reset your password. **

WARC is an online database providing access to advertising and marketing information.  WARC Strategy focuses on understanding and shaping the future of marketing strategy. WARC Creative tracks results from top regional and global award shows. WARC Media offers valuable insights and resources related to media strategies and effectiveness. It also provides case studies, best practices, research papers, and more.

Overview: Video | Brief Overview
WARC Media:  Video | Brief Overview
WARC Creative:  Video | Brief Overview


(Unlimited Concurrent Users)

This collection offers the methods, data, and innovations that are critical to understanding and advancing new directions in water science and engineering. It contains 137 titles on topics related to drinking water, ground water, hydrogeology, hydrology, storm water, surface water, waste water, water pollution and wetlands.

Zaobao Singapore

(Concurrent Users: 5 - Online access via browser only)

Browse online version of the Lianhe Zaobao. Current and back issues up to 7 days are available.
Please logout of the session after use.

Note: Please email NYP Library ResearchHelp if you encounter difficulties accessing this publication.]