For Students / Loans Rules
Membership cards are not transferable
The use of the card is restricted to the member to whom the card is issued.
Loss of the card must be reported to the Library immediately
  2.1 Members are responsible for all loans issued under their library membership accounts, until such
time when a report of the loss is made to and is acknowledged by the Library.
  2.2 A fee will be charged for the replacement of the lost card by the issuing Department.
Members are responsible for all items issued in their names
  3.1 Members are advised to check and report to Library staff at the Information Services Counter any damages found in an item before borrowing.
  3.2 Members will have to pay the replacement cost and surcharge for any subsequent damages found on the item upon its return to the Library.
Overdue loans/outstanding payments
  4.1 Fines will be charged for overdue loans.
  4.2  Loan privileges (borrowing, reservation, renewals, etc.) will be immediately suspended until all fines/outstanding payments are paid by the borrower.
Returning of borrowed items
  5.1 Books may be returned via the book drop outside the Library or personally at the Information Services counter.
  5.2 The Library does not accept any claims for books returned via the book drop.
  5.3 Items on loan are to be returned or renewed when due, without any reminders from the Library.
Renewing of loans
  6.1 Items can be renewed online at the Library Portal ( the self-check machines, or personally at the Counter on or before the due-date.
  6.2 Overdue and reserved items may not be renewed.
Recall of loans
  7.1 All items on loan may be recalled by the Library. A minimum of two weeks' notice will be given to the borrower.
  7.2 Items recalled are to be returned on or before the reduced due date to avoid fines.
Charges for lost/damaged library items
  8.1 Lost or damaged borrowed items must be reported to the Library immediately.
  8.2 If the lost/damaged item is one of a set or a series, the borrower will have to pay the cost of replacing the whole set or series.
  8.3 If the lost/damaged item is an accompanying material (eg. DVD, CD-ROM, Manual,etc.) the borrower will have to pay for the cost of replacing both the main items and the accompanying material (eg. book with accompanying CD-ROM, etc.).
  8.4 Payments for lost/damaged library items are non-refundable. They include:
  • Cost of the latest edition of the item lost/damaged
  • Surcharge of $10 per item lost/damaged 
  • Any outstanding fines
  8.5 If the borrower locates and returns the lost item(s) before payment is made, he/she will only have to pay for the overdue fines.
  8.6 If an item is returned after payment has been made, no refund will be given. However, the returned item will be given to the borrower who has already paid for the replacement.
Reminder notice
  9.1 Borrowers will receive only one email due-date reminder notice 3 days before the-due date if the borrowed item is from the Lending Collection. This email notice serves as a reminder to members to renew their loans promptly.
  9.2 Non-receipt of the email reminder notice does not absolve any member from paying fines.
  9.3 Reminder notices will not be sent for items borrowed from collections with shorter loan periods (eg. Smart Locker, Periodicals etc.). Borrowers are advised to check their borrower records at the Library Portal or refer to the printed due-date slips to keep track of their loans.
  9.4 Members are responsible for the returning of borrowed items on or before the due date, regardless of whether they receive any email due-date reminder notices or not.
Any change in member's particulars must be reported to the Library immediately.
  11.1 If an item is ‘On Loan’ or ‘In-Process,’ members can make a reservation online via Library Portal.
  11.2 When the item becomes available for loan, members will be notified by email.
  11.3 Reserved items must be collected personally and before the expiry date of reservation as indicated on the reservation notice.
Loans on expiry of membership
  12.1 Loan of library materials will not be allowed during the last two weeks before the expiry of membership so as to provide adequate lead time for the clearance of any outstanding loans and payments.

Last updated: April 2020
Rosidah Bte Awang