For Students / Library Rules



  1. Membership cards must be produced when using the Library's facilities and services, or when requested by the Library Staff.

  2. Loss of membership card must be reported to the Library immediately. Members are responsible for all loans issued in their names, until such time when a report of the loss is made to and is acknowledged by the Library.

  3. Membership card is not transferable. The card may not be lent or used to admit anyone else except the authorised card holder.

  4. Library staff reserve the right to ask members to show the content of their bags and personal belongings at the exit if deemed necessary.


  1. Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into the Library. Consumption of food or drinks are strictly prohibited in the Library except for the food and drinks purchased at the library cafe which are to be consumed within the designated area at Level 4, Centre Wing.


  1. No playing of personal games e.g. cards, computer games, etc. in the Library.

  2. Silence is to be observed at the Library so as to provide a quiet atmosphere conducive to study and research except for designated group discussion areas. Handphones are to be kept on the silent mode or switched off.

  3. The Library bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings or properties, on its premises.

  4. Reservation of seats is not permitted.

  5. Library equipment is for use with library materials only. No viewing of personal media resources is allowed.

  6. PCs are for use with library materials. Members will be subjected to disciplinary action if found:
    • tampering with setup programs, or
    • chatting, or playing games on the PCs, or
    • viewing objectionable materials on the PCs.


  1. Prior approval for filming and photography in the Library is required.


Last updated: April 2020
Rosidah Bte Awang