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For Students: Borrowing Library Materials
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While the library is currently physically closed, staff and students will be able to borrow books and resources through the Library Portal.
To submit your reservation requests, please do the following:

  1. Submit a Library Request Form.
  3. You will receive a notification email within 3 working days to pick up your reserved items.
  5. Collect your reserved items from the Library’s Smart Locker (located near the entrance) when you have been given approval to return to campus. Items will be available in the Smart Locker for 1 week and you should not return to campus just to collect the reserved items.

    (Please bring your Staff/Student Card when collecting the items)
Borrowing Library Materials

User Services

Information Literacy


Login to Library Portal >> Access e-forms under 'myForms' in myLibrary Account.
Other Services

3D Library Map
>> Access via Kiosk and OPAC stations
>> Download apps from App Store or Google Play
** Video-On-Demand resources are only for on-campus access.
Last updated: Jun 2020
Rosidah Bte Awang