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A Game for Creating Powerful Images While Learning the Basic Prinicples of Photography

  • Do you like creating visuals or taking pictures?
  • If so, this is your game. An adventure in finding the missing ingredients to compose outstanding visuals and photographs.
  • A Dexterity Game
  • Played in teams of one, two or three players with a smartphone or a compact camera.



Innovative Solution for Video Capture

  • Flipped Teaching & Leadership
  • Use Swivl to record mini-lessons, presentations or instructional videos to share with students and colleagues.
  • Student Created Content
  • Allow student to take ownership of their own learning by having them record discussion, oral readings, demonstrations or presentations.

Introducing Swivl video
from VM Education on Vimeo.


A Connected Device that Captures Everything You Write!

  • Records Everything You Write
    • Capture up to 5 meters of writing
    • Stream whiteboard notes in real time to computers and mobile devices
  • Integrated with Dropbox, Evernote and iCloud
  • Allows users to sync digital content in the cloud.

SmartMarker video
from Equil SmartMarker


Great for Small Scale Presentation!

  • Pocket size with Android OS Connectivities
    • Supports HDMI connectivity
    • Ultra bright (50 lumens) projection
    • Up to 91-inch big size projection
    • Fully charged lithium battery supports 3 hours of projection
  • Used with Internet Dongle to access Internet or wirelessly acquires image (picture, video) files from smartphone, tablets, iPhone and iPad.
* Items are available for loan by NYP Staff & Students. Please refer to your loan privileges for more details.
Last updated: April 2020
Chia Wai Ying