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Q1   Where can I top up my Cashcard in the Library?
    There is a Cashcard top-up machine located at the Information Services Counter at Level 4.
Only NETS is acccepted.
Q2   How do I book a Library room for group discussions?
    You can make your booking through Library Portal.
  • Login to Library Portal > myLibrary
  • Under myServices, select 'Book A Library Facility' or 'Online Booking'
    (Only for Library Smart Learning Spaces)
    ** Alternatively, you can also book a library room through the NYP Mobile App or myNYP Portal. **
Q3   How long can I book the Library PCs and Rooms for?
    The Library PCs can be booked for a maximum of two hours. Collaborative Learning Rooms and Smart Learning Spaces (Project Rooms, Learning PODs etc.) can be booked for one hour each.
Q4   Can I use the Library's PCs and run Windows programmes such as word processing, spreadsheets etc?
    Yes, you may.
Q5   Are the booking of Discussion Rooms and Research Carrels at Levels 4 and 5 North Wing open to everyone?
    No, these facilities are for students. NYP staff can, however, book the Staff Research Carrels at Level 5 South Wing.
Q6   How do I access the Staff Research Carrels?
    After booking the room, please approach staff at the Information Services Counter.
Q7   Is there a color photocopier in the Library?
    Colour photocopying service is available at the Library. Payment is by EZ-link card only.
Q8   What are the photocopying/printing charges?
    Please refer to the vendor's photocopying and printing charges notice at the Copy Services Room at Level 5Centre Wing. (Note : Photocopying of library materials must comply with the Copyright Act). Please refer to Copyright Licensing Agreement for details.
Q9   How do I download or print documents from the Internet?
    You can download documents from the Internet at the Library's PCs. Printing is available at any Library PCs..
Q10   Where can I get help if I encounter any problems with the photocopiers or printers?
    You may approach the photocopying/printing vendor for assistance at the Copy Services Room, Centre Wing, Level 5.

Last updated: October 2019
Rosidah Bte Awang