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Information Enquiry Service
We provide information enquiry service to staff and students. Requests may be made in person at the Information Services Counter, by telephone, via “Ask A Librarian” e-form in the Library Portal or e-mail.
InterLibrary Loan Service
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service is available to staff, final year and advanced diploma students. Through this service, books not owned by the NYP Library may be requested from other local libraries with reciprocal arrangement. ILL loan requests can only be accepted for books that are relevant to teaching, study and research. To request an ILL loan, please submit an Interlibrary Loan Request e-Form.

Please check our Library Catalogue before making your request.

Document Delivery Service
Document Delivery Service is available to staff and students. Through this service, documents (journal articles and conference papers) not held by the Library may be acquired. Requests can only be accepted for documents that are relevant to teaching, study and research. To request a document, please submit a Document Delivery Service Request e-Form (Login Library Portal > Select "myForms" tab > Select > "Document Delivery Service" e-form).

Please check our Library Catalogue, open and free sources from the Internet, e-journals and e-databases before making your request.
Last updated: April 2020
Rosidah Bte Awang